7 Awesome Advantages Of E-Learning

All business owners are familiar with this situation. You might be having a training course that you would like to put your staff through, but it is proving impossible to find the right time that works for all members of your team. Quite often this can lead to inconvenient compromises and it can put a roadblock on moving forward with the training.

Therefore, what is an effective way that you can use to get around this? Employers are increasingly turning to the online sectors to find innovative solutions for their training needs and e-learning is the most common form. E-learning basically refers to the use of technological processes to access learning material outside of the traditional classrooms or office. E-learning is mostly referred to as web-based training or online learning.

E-learning is currently a 100- billion- dollar industry. The growth in this industry is not directly related to the mere fact that the traditional training techniques are declining, but it’s more associated with the fact that this mode of learning provides a convenient and innovative option for businesses and organisations across a wide range of sectors. Below are 7 advantages of e-Learning

  1. Scalable: E-learning enables people quickly to create and also communicate new policies, concepts, training and ideas. Be it for formal education or business use, e-learning is nimble!
  2. Capacity and Consistency: The use of e-learning enables educators to achieve a greater degree of coverage for their target audiences, and ensures that the message will be communicated in a consistent fashion. In turn, this results in all learners receiving the same training.
  3. High Learning Retention: The blended learning approaches usually result in a high knowledge retention rate. In addition, it also helps through the fact that coursework can be updated and refreshed when needed.
  4. Time and Money Saving: This one is well-known, and a staple of all impressive e-learning programs. E-learning usually reduces time away from the workplace, eliminates any need for travel, it also removes the need for classroom-based training.
  5. Activity and ROI Measurement: If you’re using a learning management system to deliver your e-learning, then tracking the learner’s progress is very easy, and reporting on the activity is also simple and effective.
  6. Reduction of Carbon Footprints: By leveraging e-learning for online quizzing and testing, the need to print out paper-based assessments has been reduced. As a matter of fact, it is practically eliminated altogether!
  7. Flexible: By using e-learning, you will be able to give students and employees the freedom to learn new things at their own convenience, and at a pace that’s right for them. Staff members can also be trained in the remote locations in a consistent fashion as any other person receiving on-site training.


If you’re actively involved in e-learning, then you should be aware of the advantages that e-learning provides to any organisation or individual, and over the past year, the advantages are becoming recognised by businesses and academia alike. 

Simply put, e-learning is everywhere, and it comes with awesome advantages as seen in the above article.


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